Beauty Trick: Putting Mascara on my head?!

Yaasss ladies you read that right,

I put mascara, MEANT FOR YOUR EYES on my HEAD!

I know it sounds insane/cheap/tacky/gross. But I promise, this is a total game changer for my pale girls with black hair, or even anyone with super light hair that goes darker/brunette.(All you would need is a brown mascara instead of black!)

I’m a natural blond, a very light, ashy/grey base blond. But I’ve always gone darker, and with the healthiness and growth rate of my hair, I get regrowth within at least 2 weeks, 4 max. Unfortunately due to my base tone, it comes off that I’m going GREY.

Not that there’s anything wrong with grey, I just don’t want someone out there getting their facts twisted thinking I have grey hair at 20! Haha.

Now let me say, I hate dying my hair, and I prefer to not dye it frequently for the fact of laziness and regard to maintaining my hair health, and since I’m jumping around between hair dye brands, I wanna space out time between uses to find which I like most to use indefinitely once I’m finished testing brands.

So I got this idea from looking up non-permanent root cover ups on amazon, and I noticed how expensive some were, ranging up to like $30, which is a total no in my book.  I put on my DIY cap, and thought really hard about alternatives, and that’s how I noticed most coverup for roots looked like a mascara tube for hair, or a powder, but I don’t really enjoy powder products on my face/hair.(Powder dry shampoos make me cringe)

Preparing to have a beauty disaster/have to wash my hair, I pulled a mascara I didn’t like/use out of my junk drawer and parted my hair like I would to leave the house. I opened the mascara tube, which happened to be L’oreal Voluminous Carbon Black with the straight wand(I really didn’t care for this stuff on my eyes at all, great color payoff but that’s about it) and wiped off the wand slightly so I didn’t gunk up my hair. I held the wand vertically against my head and painted the mascara on over my regrowth, and as close to the scalp as possible to give my hair some oomfph.

I ran the mascara along my entire part back towards my crown, and I split my hair into sections in the front so I could color my temples and hairline. After I covered all the blond bits, I sprayed hairspray over the entire top half of my hair, getting each section where I touched up with the mascara. Once the hairspray set, I brushed through my hair to get rid of any possible crunchiness, although there wasn’t much of that! Only places where I coated too much mascara felt like that but the feeling was gone as soon as I brushed it through. After brushing, I sprayed a last coat of hairspray and went about my day as usual.

This trick works AMAZINGLY guys, like this is probably my favorite trick of all time. My hair looked freshly dyed, I could still brush through it, touch it, tie it back, etc without issue or getting crud on my hands/under my nails.  The mascara didn’t smudge on my scalp or face either, so nobody knew my dirty little hair secret except me! It looks super natural and undetectable which is great, and my hair looks thicker since I darkened my stark white scalp a bit, which adds the illusion of fuller hair!

The best part has to be money saved though, because I’m sure you can use any cheap mascara to get the job done. L’oreal Carbon Black is always on sale at my local Target for $5.99 with a little coupon stuck on it for $1.50 off,  So, I pay a little over $4.50 to stretch my hair color for MONTHS since the tube has a lot of product and you don’t use much for each application.

I know I probably didn’t “invent” this trick but what do you think guys?

I feel pretty proud of my little discovery.

See ya later!

~ ❤ A.

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